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Welcome to our Healthy Community!

Angela Fenton is the Founder of Inspired 4 Health and is a Supportive Wellness Coach just for YOU!

 Angela Fenton is a certified Wellness Coach, International Speaker & holds a Bachelors in Education. She specialises in training women, parents, teachers & students how to nourish & take care of themselves! Supportively Coaching, Angela can train you how to respond positively to stress, and operate from your own energy reserves instead of relying on adrenaline long-term. Angela is passionate about balancing hormone levels naturally and the 4 Pillars of Health.

You can connect with Angela for  Coaching Consultations! It is recommended that you make an investment of up to three Coaching Sessions. In the Initial Consult Angela will educate you about the 4 Pillars of Health and in particular ~ nutrition & hormones. She will give you the contact details of incredible Health Professionals and equip you with the right questions to ask these experts. Your Second and Third Consultation will be conducted after you have seen these Health Professionals so that Angela can offer you further support & education. These Coaching Consultations can be in person or via a Phone Consultation which can be organised for you.

Angela also hosts regular Health Talks  and an annual  Wellness Event at Sunshine Coast University Find out when Angela is next Speaking and come along and meet some of her Heroes in the Health Arena by following Inspired 4 Health’s Facebook Page by clicking on this link https://www.facebook.com/inspired4health/ At Inspired 4 Health we want to connect you with remarkable heath professionals, practitioners, wellness advocates & inspirational people. This is made possible at our Wellness Events.

Angela Trains Teaching Staff & Senior Students how to Stress “Less” in their careers & studies. You can contact us to book Angela for your next Personal Development Day or School Function.

Angela Fenton is the author of the book “STRESSED Spelled Backwards Is DESSERTS” & you can buy that here ~ e-book This book will show you how you can incorporate Nourishing Ways into your daily schedules. You’ll find Twenty useful “Sweet Moments” enabling you to unwind & restore your own energy reserves.

Come on a journey now through the 4 Pillars of Health & discover how your health can be restored! If you would like more personal support please contact our I4H Team so you can have a Coaching Consultation with Angela Fenton.

Welcome, we’re so glad to connect with YOU!


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