Four Pillars of Health

4 pillars of health, health, wellness, digestion, nutrition, detox, rest, hormone balance, exercise

Angela Fenton.
Wellness Coach & Founder of Inspired 4 Health.

Here’s the Truth ~ When we push ourselves for prolonged periods of time and go beyond our healthy capacities, we can end up depleting our own energy reserves, disrupt our hormonal balance and we can even become chronically stressed. Angela’s journey was an example of this Truth. You can view her Story here.

The good news is that Angela no longer suffers from Adrenal Overdrive or Exhaustion. Her digestive system is functioning properly, no more pathogenic activity and Candida is not overgrown in her stomach. She does not battle with Fibromyalgia (joint inflammation) or deathly low blood pressure anymore.

4 pillars of health, health, wellness, digestion, nutrition, detox, rest, hormone balance, exercise

The 4 Pillars of Health.
Article by Inspired 4 Health. Photo by Julia Hengel.

There were 4 distinct areas that Angela had to walk through to re-gain her health and these are in fact the 4 Pillars of Health that her business is now founded upon. 

Pillar One = Digestion & The Detoxification Process. This is the first initially area that Angela worked on to “kick-start” her journey back to wellness. And it would be a wonderful place for many of us to start. This First Pillar incorporates nutrition and the detoxification process. Focussing on healing your stomach lining so that you can absorb all the fabulous high quality whole foods ingredients you may now be choosing to eat. To learn what can be beneficial to help heal your gut lining then please view the article Angela wrote Three Nourishing Ways To Build Strength Into Your Body  What is equally important in this initial stage is the rate at which you get rid of toxins and making “cleansing” & “Elimination” a priority and a healthy habit. To learn more about detoxing you can read Where’s the Best Place to Start?

Pillar Two = Rest. In this Pillar of Health you understand the importance of the need to be disciplined and once again commit to your sleep/wake cycle or your Circadian Rhythm. Just about every hormone is released according to our sleep/wake cycle and we need to really master our rhythm again. If you are interested in reading more about “Sleep” then please head to Sleep Is Free and It Is the BEST Performance Enhancer  Adopting Nourishing Ways and investing in your own self care is focussed upon in this Pillar of Health. Giving yourself a brief moment of time out daily is essential so that you can operate out of your own energy reserves instead of running on adrenaline! Simply put, what you do today, will give you strength for tomorrow.  You can read more about the need for daily Nourishing Ways and having time out for yourself in Angela’s ebook Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts.

Pillar Three = Exercise. In this Pillar of Health, starting with  gentle exercise is wonderful and increases oxygen, renews energy levels and improves mood. Gradually your goal could then change to wanting to gain more strength and focus on building leaner muscle. We can tend to loose muscle mass and become softer after the age of thirty. Strength Training using weights and resistance exercises helps us to build lean muscles. More muscle mass means more energy being created within the mitochondria in our cells, (our cells little powerhouses). To learn about the amazing benefits of Interval Training you can read Exercise Is The Third Pillar Of Health article.

Fourth Pillar Naturally Balancing Hormone Levels. When Angela was journeying back to health she had worked on healing her digestive system, committing to her circadian rhythm again and gently exercising. Her skin was glowing and her stomach was so much better, but it wasn’t until Angela researched this final area that she could finally say that she had re-gained her health back. Once specific hormones were re-set and balanced again finally the fatigue left her! Naturally balancing your hormone levels can be like a small hinge that can swing open a huge door to wellness for you! Angela conducts regular trainings regarding our interwoven endocrine system and if you would like to hear her speak then please contact us by clicking here!