Angela Fenton’s Story ~ Freedom From Fatigue

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Angela Fenton is the founder of Inspired 4 Health, a platform enabling you to connect to outstanding health professionals. Angela is the Author of “Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts”. Encouraging all of us to have more sweet moments in our lives!! She holds a Bachelors in Education & is a Certified Wellness Coach, Teacher & International Speaker.

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Angela Fenton is the Founder of Inspired 4 Health, a platform enabling you to connect to outstanding health professionals. Angela is the Author of “Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts”. Encouraging all of us to have more sweet moments in our lives!! She holds a Bachelors in Education & is a Certified Wellness Coach, Teacher & international speaker.

Angela flourishes in her health & has been freed from fatigue! Her heart is for each one of us to understand the importance of taking time out daily to nourish our own souls so energy levels can be restored & even greater stress resilience created. Here is her story…

I loved teaching & it was a joy working full time for many years as a primary school teacher. My husband & I got married, lived overseas, gave birth to our beautiful daughter & then we all came to live back home in Australia. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it! I now understand that I went back to full time work too soon as a lovely young Mummy. I started a permanent teaching job again when our daughter was a toddler & I also shared responsibilities at my husband’s office, involving counselling  & encouraging a large number of people each consecutive week. My heart was in the right place! I’m the kind of person that wants to give 110% effort everywhere. In my naivety I did not take time out for myself & I continued to push my limits & wellness boundaries. I became a textbook example of burning the candle at both ends. I didn’t listen to the gentle whispers my body was giving to me & instead opting to ignore the digestive disturbances I started to experience & continued to push on… doing my jobs with excellence. Oblivious to what was really going on in my digestive & endocrine systems, I was on a spiral to sickness without even knowing it. It never even entered my mind about the importance of nourishing your own soul so that energy levels could be renewed. To be able to perform at your peak & maintain optimum health, taking time out just for you is a necessity, a lesson I was about to learn!

On the contrary, being on the go all the time sent me into adrenal overdrive. When we push ourselves for days, week, months & even years (as in my case) we deplete certain hormone levels, create an imbalance & we can become chronically stressed. I was feeling Wired & ready for anything which unfortunately meant my evening sleep no longer became a priority. I lost my circadian rhythm & my immune began to lower. My gut became compromised  & the brain fog I experienced was somewhat hilarious at times. Finally after years of over doing it, my body said “enough!”

In 2012 my everyday life dramatically changed. Fatigue became my nemesis. This was unlike any other sickness I had fought before. It was debilitating & an absolute disruption to my daily life. I couldn’t exercise & run long distances anymore, entertain or care for my beautiful family. The whole experience was contrary to my nature!

I continuously felt like I had a yoke or a clamp around my neck & shoulders. Every few days I would experience stomach upsets or flare-ups. Needless to say there were lots of frequent visits to the bathroom on those unpleasant days. Sugar & salt cravings were at an all time high for me. Another unusual symptom was that I frequently drank copious amounts of water, about three to four litres per day. I wrestled with “turns” or “episodes” that mimicked fainting. Repeatedly, I would drop to the ground & right before blacking out nausea would hit me. My blood pressure became “deathly” low. When my pulse became rapid it indicated to me that I was pulling out of these low blood pressure episodes. Paramedics were often called & I would trek off to the hospital. No one was able to offer me any solutions or tell me why I was experiencing these symptoms.

Family & friends would come to visit our lovely home & I was unable to conduct in-depth conversations. Forgetting mid sentence what I was saying was a bit of a laugh for a lady in her thirties! Then I would have to excuse myself & go to lie down as I was battling fatigue. I had stopped going to work this year as even the tiniest thing felt like a heavy load or stress. My family & I loved traveling overseas, but this all had to come to a stand still as well.

My loved ones were so concerned for me. The unknown plagued all of our thoughts. I went through so many tests  & procedures with doctors & specialist but no one at that time was able to give me answers!

This whole experience was like being trapped in the wilderness. I remained hopeful realising that this was a dark season… but at least it was going to be a season that wouldn’t last my whole life. It was crucial to think like that so that I didn’t fall into despair

It was at this juncture that I decided I must get back to health again. I began a momentous journey of recovery. This diabolical 2012 year was not only a year devoted to rest but rejuvenation & research. I was sick of being sick! I wasn’t going to settle for allowing these symptoms to hang around. I wanted to put an end to them. Educating myself was so important. I was so hungry to know more about living a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. Even though it looked impossible I had resolved in my heart that I was certainly on a journey back to wellness.

Healing my digestive system was the starting point of my journey. Then rest & establishing wellness boundaries, just for me. Gentle exercise was introduced not only to give me much needed strength but to promote healing at a cellular level with daily fresh oxygen. Finally, I found the jewel in the crown & the solution which saw me rid all of my symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, inflammation & low blood pressure. Re-setting & balancing my hormones was the key that swung open a huge door to wellness again. The four areas that I travelled through to regain my health are the four pillars of health that my business is founded upon.

I was on the road to wellness again & I met some outstanding health professionals. I was introduced to a World Renowned Herbalist (Phytotherapist) who gave me clarity & understanding in what I was actually battling. In conjunction with this, I met an amazing pathologist who analysed my live blood samples. A friend & mentor led me to a doctor who had an appreciation for the marriage of both holistic health & medicine. As health was restored I became so passionate about learning everything I could. It was then I decided to pursue a new career in Wellness Coaching. Gleaning from an amazing international Nutritionist & Doctor, I completed his Nutritional Leadership course.

My circumstances have turned around. It feels like I’m living amongst fresh streams & lush green mountains instead of that horrible wilderness time. Founding Inspired 4 Health business has given me a platform to meet so many new faces in many different arenas. The heart of this business is to give people hope & the tools necessary to accelerate them back to vibrancy & life again. The french derivative of the word “Inspire” actually means to “breath in life again”.

I desire to see you flourish in your health & this is made possible through a number of ways.

Inspired 4 Health hosts large Events at our local University. These are centred around the Wellness Seminars & Mini Markets that I have created. Those attending benefit from being connected with the wellness advocates & health professionals speaking on the Day. We also provide Workshops called “Time For You” where the emphasis is on nourishing your souls & learning ways to de-stress. Frequently, we conduct High Teas & Health Talks discussing Nutrition & how to Balance Hormones naturally. Something very special is now taking place in my business… I’m back in schools but in a different capacity. I now have the honour of training the educators about health & wellness. Back with teachers again, speaking on the importance of unwinding & relaxing daily. Inspiring them to instil wellness boundaries to go the distance & have longevity in their careers & general wellbeing.

Here’s to a lighter load Inspired 4 Health Community!

Happy Health Lovely Ones!

Angela xo

Inspired 4 Health, Angela Fenton

Inspired 4 Health, Angela Fenton, wellness coach