Nutrients That Can Help You Loose Weight

During these Autumn and Winter months we tend to hibernate more in our homes. It is possible though, to shed some extra kilos in preparation for the Summer months ahead.

Did you know that there are actually particular nutrients that can assist people with weight reduction? And of course there are certain hormones that could be functioning at low levels which could be contributing to unwanted extra weight as well.

Through my studies, I have found the following nutrients helpful in weight loss and they are well worth talking about with your Health Professional to see if you or your loved ones could benefit from consuming any of these. Adding some of these nutrients below to your already Nourishing Whole Foods diet could be very useful and instrumental in helping to get rid of some of those extra kilos.

The Trace Element Chromium – assists in lowering insulin levels in our blood by reducing sugar cravings. Insulin creates a wonderful reservoir of energy for our bodies through storing fat particularly around our abdomen. Unfortunately, some people can produce too much insulin which can then result in excess weight, mostly around the stomach, hips and thighs. Chromium really helps to stop the cycle of sugar cravings for people who may be experiencing low blood sugar due to high insulin levels. People needing a quick fix of sugar in these instances sometimes reach for refined sugary sweets that will spike their blood sugar but only provide short term relief then this stimulates even more insulin production. To break this cycle a person needs to substitute complex carbohydrates in place of the simple carbs which convert to sugar so quickly and also replace refined sugars with healthy sugars like dates, raw honey or fruits like bananas. So someone with excessive insulin in their system would greatly benefit from the trace element Chromium which lowers these levels. Chromium also amazingly increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. Isn’t that wonderful!

The Mineral Zinc-  is usually deficient in people who are overweight and this would need to be checked by your doctor. To confirm that you may be deficient in this essential trace element you may have experienced hair thinning or hair loss, an inability to absorb nutrients, a frequent compromised immune system, inflammatory skin problems and even loose bowel movements. Zinc can beautifully support our endocrine system as well. Zinc plays an important role in the production and release of testosterone and the growth hormone in our bodies. Therefore helping to build muscle mass which is one of the major benefits of well balanced testosterone and growth hormone levels. Zinc also helps to balance insulin, thus helping to regulate blood sugar levels.

CoQ10 or Coenzyme 10-  improves weight loss and is naturally produced in our bodies. Inside our cells are the mitochondria and these little powerhouses take fat and other nutrients in the body and turn them into useable energy sources. CoQ10 needs to be present for this conversion process to take place. CoQ10 increases cellular energy production, giving people increased stamina and quite literally enables them to be energised! It also protects against heart aliments and greatly supports cardiovascular health. CoQ10 can decline with age and people with diabetes generally are quite low in this natural occurring chemical compound.

A number of months ago I wrote an article about the benefits of changing to a “mild” kitogenic diet. If you would like to loose some extra kilos, then helping your body change where it gets it’s energy and fuel from could make all the difference! Most of us usually get our energy source from glucose – foods that convert into sugars. If for a period of time your doctor approves of you consuming foods that are technically on a ketogenic diet, then your body will switch to using fat for energy instead of glucose. This could be very beneficial if you intentionally would like to loose some weight. You can read more about a ketogenic diet when you click on this link

Eating nutritious whole foods and maintaining daily physical activities this Winter is essential to promoting health in your body. Nutrients that you may not have considered before are worth incorporating into your food intake. If you are experiencing on going weight issues and you are needing extra assistance, then you can book a Coaching Consultation with Angela Fenton, Wellness Coach and Founder of Inspired 4 Health. Angela is passionate about re-setting hormone levels. When your endocrine system is well balanced you feel like a better version of yourself, full of vitality!  During your Consultation with Angela, she will explain the exact hormones that you can ask your doctor to test for if you are having trouble shedding those extra kilos. You’ll be given wonderful information so that you are equipped when you go to your Health Professional to do further testing.

Happy Health to You and Your Family and may you continue to be “inspired” on your wellness journey.

Lots of love from Angela Fenton & The I4H Team.

Photo by  Ashlee Proffitt


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