Energy Reserves or Adrenaline

Learn HOW TO restore your energy reserves each day so you don’t have to rely on adrenaline longterm in Angela Fenton’s new article.


I want to talk with you about going the distance. Looking long term, if you want to manage your households beautifully, parent effectively & thrive in your own health then you need to pause and ask yourself this question… Where do I get my energy from? Am I outworking from Adrenaline or from my own Reserves of Energy?

If you are continually on the go & burning the candle at both ends then you will most likely be relying on ADRENALINE to keep you going. This is not a perfect scenario at all and one that I “used to” live. Ideally, the goal is for you to be operating out of your own natural ENERGY RESERVES.  I will teach you how to do this and the Secret in just a moment.


 Adrenaline is meant to be used in our bodies for short periods of times only. For instance… You hear surprising news & you can feel the adrenaline pumping through your body. Or you may experience situations that are alarming, like a person has hurt themselves terribly & you are the only one there to immediately help them. It’s in these times when you hear the surprising news or you’re faced with an emergency, the Cortisol hormone (ADRENALINE) raises in our bodies signalling for glucose reserves to be released. Our heart beats faster, our blood pressure rises & we become almost superhuman & certainly able to perform at our peak! The higher levels of Cortisol & glucose give us the amazing strength & energy that we need! When the situation is over, the Cortisol Hormone levels return to normal & the body no longer releases the extra glucose reserves.

When we crowd our schedules, keep going from one thing to the next, possibly even wearing ourselves thin because we’re saying YES to EVERYTHING then our Anti-Stess Hormones made in our Adrenal Glands continually keep outputting at high levels, signalling to the brain to continually release glucose in our systems. This can go on for days, weeks, months or even years and is called Adrenal Overdrive ~ Meaning a person is Running On ADRENALINE!

The consequences for not slowing down can lead to lowered energy levels, feeling like you are chronically stressed and imbalances in our endocrine system.


Most people expend more energy than their reserves are capable of handling, leaving them in a negative energy state. The first key, is to be purposefully aware. As often as you can, consciously think “How are my energy reserves tracking”? Please don’t keep going from one thing to the next, crowding your schedules, day in & day out even though your intentions are noble. If you want to go the distance in all spheres of life then DAILY check your energy reserves.

The Goal is to have Extra Energy Stored Up.

The Secret to Renewing your Energy Levels is to incorporate Nourishing Ways everyday.

The simple act of nourishing yourself today will give you strength for tomorrow! Through my own experiences I have learnt that I can renew my energy if I take 15 minutes time out just for me each day. The added amazing benefit of doing this is that you will also help to bring balance to your endocrine system. In particular you will be helping to stabilise you Anti-Stress Hormones and lower any stress levels that may be trying to rise.

If you would like to learn TWENTY different NOURISHING WAYS then you can purchase my E-book HERE.

Nourishing yourself today will make you stronger for tomorrow. A brief time out for you each day will prevent you from going beyond your healthy capacity. The truth is when we push ourselves for prolonged periods of time & go beyond our wellness boundaries we can end up depleting our energy reserves, disrupting our hormonal balance & even become chronically stressed.

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Photo By Heather’s Refinement

I desire to see parents thrive in their health & wellbeing especially while they have young children at home. Through my own experience & studies I have come to realise that parents may be in either of the 4 areas below ~

Stage One ~ You are nourishing yourself with rest & nutritious foods each day. Your energy reserves & anti-stress hormones are all generally well balanced & you feel energised! Woohoo!!!

Stage Two ~ You may be working as well as parenting & you are performing at you peak in all spheres of life. The only trouble is your so wound up you find it difficult to go to sleep at night because your Cortisol hormone is outputting at high levels. So instead of this hormone naturally reducing before bed, your rhythm is out of whack & Cortisol is sky rocketing through the roof. In this instance you would be running on adrenaline more than your own stores of energy.

Stage Three ~ You may have low energy levels but still able to perform all your wonderful duties at home & in the workplace. Unfortunately, you may be tired through the day as your stress hormones lower unable to maintain the high rate that the adrenal glands were continually surging out when you once may have felt wired & on the go.

Stage Four ~ An area where I don’t want any parents to be in, which is exhaustion. If you are unable to handle any type of load it may be due to the fact that the anti-stress hormones have actually become depleted. I got to this stage from burning the candle at both ends for years! After quite a journey, I’m no longer exhausted now & I’m totally healthy again because I’ve learnt to value the importance of incorporating Nourishing Ways. May we all realise how vital it is to renew our energy reserves daily.

The simple act of nourishing ourselves & taking a small amount of time out for ourselves will enable us to go the distance in all spheres of life.

Lots of love Inspired 4 Health Community!

Angela Fenton & The Inspired 4 Health Team

Photos by Heather’s Refinement & Lucy Cuneo

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  1. Sharon April 6, 2017 at 1:39 pm #

    Thanks Ange. A good warning and some words of wisdom. I appreciate your blog
    Sharon Wood X

    • Inspired 4 Health ~ Angela April 16, 2017 at 8:48 pm #

      Hi Sharon! Im so glad you enjoyed reading this article. Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend with your family over this Easter break & that the week ahead will be a refreshing one for you. Ange xo

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