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Exercise Is The Third Pillar Of Health

It’s time to understand how our bodies are fuelled. Either your body can burn sugar for energy or it can burn fat for energy. A notable goal is to train our bodies to utilise it’s own fat storage rather than being sugar-burners, gaining fuel from high carbohydrate intake. So for wisdom to prevail, please no longer ingest processed sugar & high carbohydrate diets. Your metabolism will make the switch to using your fat stores for energy when you eat healthy protein sources, fibrous fruit & vegetables, healthy fats like coconut or flax oils. Your body will then have a chance to use normal amounts of glucose throughout a given day. When you go to sleep at night there’s no more sugar to consume, so your body chooses to burn fat for cellular energy. Isn’t that amazing, you can actually burn fat while you are sleeping, because you have eaten wonderful whole foods that are low in sugar.

fuel, energy, inspired 4 health, interval training

Switch to fat- burning for fuel

What is absolutely genius as well is the benefits of Interval Exercise Training.

Recent research has proven that long-distance, long-duration cardiovascular exercise is NOT the most effective way to burn fat and lose weight.

Long-distance cardiovascular exercise can inhibit your testosterone function and even lower these levels in the body. Endurance exercises unfortunately raise the stress hormone Cortisol which creates an imbalance in your DHEA levels as well, causing a person to age faster. Increased levels of Cortisol stimulate appetite and increase fat storage. That’s an adequate enough reason for me to change to Interval Training and it’s literally easier!

Burst or interval training combines short, high-intensity rushes of exercise with slow recovery phases repeated during one exercise session. Dr Axe has an amazing burst training program which can be bought on the Inspired 4 Health website . He explains that burst training is performed at 85% to 100% of your maximum heart rate rather than the typical 50% to 70% achieved during moderate endurance activity. “Essentially, burst training is exercising like a sprinter rather than a marathon runner”.

Another great advantage of interval training is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home with minimal or even no equipment. I love to use my own body weight and repeatedly lift my body up & down using our raised garden bed like an exercise bar to hold on to. I repeat this over & over in one exercise session, being mindful to rest in between. Other examples of burst training would be to walk the curves and sprint the straight parts on a track. Also, cycling hard for 20 seconds then going easy for 20 seconds on a bike (and repeating the slow/fast cycling for 5 to 40 minutes)

Interval training creates the most outstanding metabolic reaction. This type of training may not burn as much fat during the shorter exercise duration itself, BUT after exercising your metabolism stays elevated and will continue to burn fat for the next 24-48 hours! Woohoo!!! Yay!!!

I combine Running & Walking each day to my Interval Training. I run/walk daily for two important reasons. Firstly, this decreases stress in my body & acts life a valve to alleviate any prolonged stress  from being built up. Secondly, I’m very aware of Candida not overgrowing again in my digestive system. When I run/walk, fresh oxygen penetrates my body which kills candida or any other fungi and pathogen.

So be encouraged Inspired 4 Health Community. Exercise has never been so inexpensive & affordable. Rest assured you are always at the right age to incorporate this into your daily lifestyle.

interval training, inspired 4 health, burst training, fat burning, metabolism

The Incredible Benefits of Interval Training. Exercise The Third Pillar Of Health.



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