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The Highs & Lows of Estrogen

The Hormone Estrogen has everything to do with the “female” shape, reproduction & the menstrual cycle! Just like it’s counterpart Progesterone. This feminine Hormone helps to keep our eyes shining, skin supple & our mood extremely happy. Estrogen aids in increasing physical endurance by keeping our joints healthy & well lubricated. When it is beautifully balanced in our bodies it can stop osteoporosis in it’s tracks. Amazing right! Also, it can decrease the risk of heart disease & protects the brain. When Estrogen is properly balanced we can have more desire to love, our immune system is strengthened & it helps us to feel more alert by fighting fatigue. If Estrogen levels diminish due to age, poor nutrition or stress – a woman can possibly have hair loss, increased wrinkles, dry eyes & loose her feminine curves. Most Estrogen is produced in women’s ovaries. However, some Estrogen is made in our fat cells by metabolising other Androgens originating in the Adrenal Glands. Men need a small amount of Estrogen as well, because without it they would become infertile.

Your body actually produces several kinds of Estrogen! In our reproductive years, the majority of Estrogen made in the ovaries is a derivative called “Estradiol” which is the most powerful form of Estrogen. Then a very minuscule amount of “Estriol” & “Estrone” are also made during this stage of life. Yes Estrogen does decrease as we age like most Hormones, BUT it increases, right before menopause – about one to two years before a woman’s final period. The Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is heightened during this time, so that a woman can get pregnant before it’s too late. When going through menopause, the predominant Estrogen derivative becomes “Estrone” instead of the once predominant “Estradiol”.

You can’t consider Estrogen without contemplating its perfect duo, Progesterone. These two Hormones work together to generate the menstrual cycle. Estrogen is responsible for the first half of the cycle, building up the mucous membrane walls in the uterus in preparation for a fertilised egg. Then during the last 14 days of the monthly cycle, Estrogen lowers if a woman does not become pregnant and Progesterone increases.

Progesterone is also known as the “Serenity” Hormone. When it is functioning properly it creates a deep sense of peace within the individual. Progesterone helps to balance Estrogen! This fabulous Hormone also fortifies our heart & bones. It surprisingly can help to prevent endometriosis. Progesterone is made in the ovaries & placenta during pregnacy. The Adrenal glands create small quantities of Progesterone as well.

Both men & woman can experience Estrogen Dominance. Too much of a good thing! Xenoestrogens, pronounced “zeno estrogens” are endocrine disrupters that increase people’s Estrogen levels and adversely decrease their Progesterone levels. There are particular foods and household items such as  plastic storage containers, ingredients in some skin care &  household cleaning products that are now known to contain these very Xenoestrogens! Foods such as Conventional Dairy and Meat are the greatest offenders and disrupters to our Estrogen levels. All those unwanted added chemicals, medications, hormones & steroids added to conventional dairy and meat can cause our Estrogen levels to sky rocket! Xenoestrogens  mimic our natural Estrogen Hormone within the body, causing people to have unwanted high levels of Estrogen in their bodies! When Xenoestrogens enter the body they increase the total amount of Estrogen resulting in Estrogen Dominance. Xenoestrogens do not naturally break down and are stored in the fat cells of the body! We don’t want our loved ones battling with thyroid imbalances, fatigue, ovarian breast or cervical cancers, obesity or auto immune diseases. Unfortunately, over time a build up of Xenoestrogens can be a contributing factor to some of these terrible ailments.

Remember there are NATURAL lifestyle interventions that you can implement under the guidance of your Health Professional to help bring your Hormones back into balance. I go into great lengths about these interventions in my Coaching Sessions & Wellness Events. You can contact me by clicking this link below to find out more information.

Here’s to Beautifully Balanced Hormones & Wonderful Health I4H Community!

Lots of Love

Angela Fenton xo

Wellness Coach, Educator & Founder of Inspired 4 Health

Photo Credit ~ Shay Cochrane

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