Beautifully Balanced Hormones can help to restore health and vitality back to so many of us. Hormone Health has a huge impact on our wellbeing and it cannot go unnoticed anymore.

Optimal functioning Hormones help to regulate our metabolism, blood pressure, reproductive system, emotions and our sleep/wake cycle. They also help us to positively cope with stress, strengthen our immune system and stimulate our brain processes. When this interwoven endocrine system is beautifully balanced we feel like the best versions of ourselves. The Metabolic, Insulin, Gender and Anti-Stress Hormones all work in harmony together so that we can stay Healthy!

Unfortunately, this synchronised system in our bodies can be disrupted without us realising, until major consequences occur. Many of us are not aware of our own wellness boundaries and when we push ourselves beyond our healthy capacities this comes at a price and the cost is our health. Living an on-the-go lifestyle, being chronically stressed and making poor food choices can be detrimental to our Hormonal Balance.

Not taking time out for ourselves on a daily basis causes us to run on adrenaline. Adrenaline is Cortisol, one of the most powerful Hormones in our body and is an Anti-Stress Hormone. It’s considered the Hormone of life! Cortisol can be replenished naturally or become depleted in our Adrenal Glands depending on what type of lifestyle we are living. Most people expend more energy than their reserves are capable of handling, leaving them in a negative energy state. They rely on Adrenaline (High Cortisol Levels) for energy production enabling them to feel wired and ready for anything. When this keeps going on for lengthy periods of time, their Adrenal Glands work overtime. These little pearl sized glands end up having to manufacture many other Hormones and they start to peter out and levels in the blood decline, leaving the person feeling exhausted. When the Adrenal Glands are over worked the body then draws from the Metabolic Thyroid Hormones to overcompensate and create even more energy for the individual on a daily basis. This has a flow on effect and the Gender Sex Hormones can become depleted as well. Symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, exhaustion, inflammation, feeling stressed out, less muscle mass and lowered libido can now be seen in the person because they were running on adrenaline for so long. This entire process is outlined in the article I wrote on Energy Reserves or Adrenaline? You can read more about that by clicking on the link highlighted.

As someone who has lived this journey, can I encourage you to not longer  crowd your schedules, day in & day out even though your intentions are noble. Make a little time out for yourself each day so you can go the distance. It’s wise to make a small investment in yourself so that you can keep giving out to others and give your beast efforts in every sphere of life. Our Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) Axis is our Central Stress Response System. This becomes suppressed and begins to fall apart when we are chronically stressed and running on adrenaline for long periods of time. The HPA connects both the Central Nervous System and the Endocrine System together.

How Do We Restore Balance Back to Our Anti-Stress Hormones?

The very act of Nourishing You will actually help you to Re-set and Balance your Hormone Levels naturally. Isn’t that wonderful news! Through my own experiences I have learnt that I can renew my energy and bring balance back to my Endocrine System if I take 15 minutes time out just for me each day. In particular you will be helping to stabilise you Anti-Stress Hormones by doing this. Our daily habits powerfully impact our quality of life. Nourish yourself on a daily basis, because this will actually give you strength and energy for tomorrow! Want to learn more about this? My E-book explains this more fully & you can purchase it here.

Here is an Overview of what Doctor Ali & Angela Fenton discussed at our last Workshop ~

Hormones Decline With Age! 

As our Hormone levels go down in our blood, then we show signs of ageing. Bodily changes such as wrinkly skin, muscle mass declining, eye sight diminishing, and other physical signs become obvious as we age. Going through the stages of pre-menopause, menopause or andropause can occur around the calendar age of 45 to 55 years old generally. That means that we are living at least half of our lives with Low to No Hormonal function at all!

Anti-Ageing Holistic Doctors are interested in regenerating your cells using “Body Identical Hormones”.  This can give people the opportunity to feel and operate like they did at age 20, 30 or 40. Stress can cause more rapid ageing in our cells. A condition known as Sarcopenia is the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength. It is a result of cellular ageing!

Balanced Hormones Stop The Effects Of Ageing.

Bringing Synchronisation back to our Endocrine System can be used as a “Weapon” against Ageing. We understand that the Gender Hormone, Estrogen gives woman their female shape, assists to lubricate their joints and assists in maintaining a positive happy mood. In the past Progesterone has been overlooked, but it is essentially one of the most important Hormones that a woman needs to have well balanced endocrine system. It’s even needed in the convention of T4 to T3 in our liver, so that our most active Thyroid Hormone can operate efficiently. Gaining weight, painful periods, miscarriages, feeling tense, anxious and having interrupted evening sleep can all be attributed to Low functioning Progesterone Levels. Progesterone the serenity and calming Hormone, can be neutralised and lowered by High Estrogen Levels!

What Causes Estrogen Levels To Be High?

There are specific foods that we really need to avoid so that our naturally functioning Hormonal system is not disrupted. Xenoestrogens, pronounced “zeno estrogens” are Endocrine Disrupters that increase peoples Estrogen levels and adversely decrease their Progesterone Levels! Xenoestrogens mimic our natural Estrogen Hormone within the body, causing people to have unwanted high levels of Estrogen in their bodies. The problem arises when men, woman and children regularly eat foods with Xenoestrogens present in them, causing Estrogen to increase and sore to unhealthy levels within their bodies. This can lead to impotence in men and give them more female characteristics. Young teenage girls generally are beginning their menstrual cycles earlier than decades ago, due to the affects of Xenoestrogens found in certain foods & household items. When Xenoestrogens enter the body they increase the total amount of Estrogen resulting in Estrogen Dominance! Xenoestrogens do not naturally break down and are stored in the fat cells of the body. We don’t want our loved ones battling with Thyroid imbalances, fatigue, ovarian breast or cervical cancers, obesity or auto immune diseases. Unfortunately, over time,  a build up of Xenoestrogens can be a contributing factor to some of these terrible ailments. Conventional Dairy and Meat are the greatest offenders and disrupters to our Estrogen Levels. All those unwanted added chemicals, medications, hormones and steroids added to conventional dairy and meat can cause our Estrogen Levels to sky rocket! If you can’t afford to buy organic then please at least start with switching to buying Organic Meat & Dairy initially. You can read my article about Eating Organic Food On A Budget for more information. Other foods containing Soy derivatives have Estrogen mimickers in them as well. Now a days, Soy is well known to be genetically modified and unfortunately comprises of those extra Xenoestrogens. A diet high in Sugar and Carbohydrates can increase Estrogen Levels significantly too.

Speak to your Anti-Ageing Doctor if you think you may be deficient in Progesterone. Ask for Body Identical Hormone replacement instead of conventional “one sized fits all” factory made Hormone Replacement Therapies. You would need Progesterone cream taylor made to balance the unique levels in your blood.

What about Men’s Hormones?

Andropause is a condition that is associated with the decline in the Gender Hormone, Testosterone. It builds strength, muscle and preserves bone mass. We can naturally boost Testosterone levels by playing sport and by making sure we are getting enough of the mineral Zinc in our food intake, as this helps to naturally boost the production of Testosterone. If there are gross deficiencies in Testosterone Levels, ask your Health Professional to prescribe a Body Identical Hormones Cream and Not conventional needle injections.

Natural Lifestyle Interventions Can Help Re-Set Your Hormones. 

Irrespective of which hormones are imbalanced, the solution can be found in adapting NATURAL lifestyle interventions! 

Supporting your Hormones with foods that are nutritious & are right for your gut type is the first Lifestyle Intervention that you can implement. When it comes to supporting your Endocrine System think of Nourishing yourself with healthy high quality fats. Remember Hormones are actually created from Fats & Cholesterol. Begin to include in your food intake some Omega 9 fats found in avocados, almonds & olive oil. These foods help to re-set our hormone levels. Omega 9 fats are monounsaturated fats, assisting to raise the levels of good cholesterol while lowering the bad. Avocados are loaded with Vitamin E and this prevents free radical damage, boosts immunity & acts as an anti-aging nutrient for your skin. Omega 3 Fatty Acids reduce inflammation & they are also effective in balancing and supporting Hormone Levels. The body isn’t capable of producing Omega 3 Fatty Acids on its own. Therefore, we must draw from Omega 3 foods in our diet to supply these extremely beneficial compounds. Salmon, chia seeds, flax seeds, flax seed oil, walnuts and walnut oil are all examples of Omega 3 foods. Some vegetables such as brussels sprouts, kale, spinach & watercress contain Omega 3 fats as well. Medium Chain Fatty Acids found in coconut products are fabulous for Nourishing your Hormones and are an excellent source of healthy fat for your body to burn as fuel for much needed energy. Even Short Chain Fatty Acids found in grass fed organic dairy like butter, fermented kefir and ghee can help to bring balance to your Hormone Levels.

Secondly, Resolve that you are going to stop pushing yourself & you are going to live within your Wellness Boundaries. You’re going to value your own healthy capacities daily.

Commit to your sleep/wake cycle, as all Hormones are released adequately or inadequately depending on our  Circadian Rhythm.

Daily gently exercise to promote fresh oxygen & healing at a cellular level.

Make sure you are receiving the right amount of Nutrients. Vitamins & minerals supplements support your Endocrine System.

Ask for your Health Professional to prescribe Body Identical Hormones if Hormone Levels are depleted and out of balance. This is a more natural replacement than conventional HRT. Body Identical Hormones are taylor made to the precise level of Hormones needed in your blood. These are made by a compounding chemist, the old fashioned way. Instead of one size fits all factory made.

What Are The Endocrine Disrupters That Cause My Hormones To Become Imbalanced?

  • Busy Lifestyle
  • Running on Adrenaline for long periods of time
  • Chronic Stress
  • Ageing
  • Xenoestrogens
  • Phytoestrogens
  • Poor Evening Sleep
  • Conventional Dairy
  • Conventional Meat
  • Modern Soy Products
  • Chemicals used on our bodies found within non-organic skin care ranges. Look for alternatives to those containing parabens such as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben – all of which are commonly used as a preservative in skin care ranges and can potentially boost Estrogens levels too high.
  • Storing our food in BPA – Biphenyl A plastic storage containers. This is an industrial product placed in a number of household plastic storage items. BPA is toxic to our bodies and can cause Hormonal Disruptions.
  • Glyphosate sprayed on non-organic produce

How To Bring Balance Back To My Hormones Naturally

  • Incorporate Nourishing Ways Daily.
  • Know your Wellness Boundaries
  • Commit to your Circadian Rhythm
  • Slowly increase your Healthy Fat intake
  • Choose to only eat clean Organic Proteins
  • Consume Organic Produce
  • Use Organic Skin Care & Make-Up Ranges
  • Store your Food in Glass Containers
  • Get your Hormones tested with your Health Professional
  • If there are imbalances in your Hormone Levels, then request to use Body-Identical Hormones which is a more natural approach & tailor made the exact levels in your body.

Happy Hormone Health Inspired 4 Health Community!

Lots of Love From Angela Fenton ~ Founder of I4H.

Below are some photos from our Event at Kunara Organic Marketplace. Doctor Ali and Angela Fenton spoke to a SOLD OUT room full of attendees!

Kunara Organic Marketplace, Hormones, Hormone, Hormone Imbalance, Hormone Balance, Progesterone, Cortisol, Inspired 4 Health, Angela Fenton, Workshop, Hormone Imbalance Workshop, Event

Kunara Organic Marketplace, Hormones, Hormone, Hormone Imbalance, Hormone Balance, Progesterone, Cortisol, Inspired 4 Health, Doctor Ali, Angela Fenton, Workshop, Event, Hormone Imbalance Workshop

Kunara Organic Marketplace, Hormones, Hormone, Hormone Imbalance, Hormone Balance, Progesterone, Cortisol, Inspired 4 Health, Doctor Ali, Angela Fenton, Workshop, Event, Hormone Imbalance Workshop

Kunara Organic Marketplace, Hormones, Hormone, Hormone Imbalance, Hormone Balance, Progesterone, Cortisol, Inspired 4 Health, Doctor Ali, Angela Fenton, Workshop, Event, Hormone Imbalance Workshop

Kunara Organic Marketplace, Hormones, Hormone, Hormone Imbalance, Hormone Balance, Progesterone, Cortisol, Inspired 4 Health, Doctor Ali, Angela Fenton, Hormone Imbalance Workshop, Workshop

 First Featured Photograph from Hope Taylor Photography

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