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How Can I Improve My Mood?

It’s actually fabulous and beneficial for our Health to do something Fun everyday !

Scan your week ahead & consider are you doing things you enjoy? Make sure in the business of life that you have included some fun times for yourself each week! Remember the goal is to go the distance in all that you are doing & when you purposefully plan Nourishing Ways into your schedules you’ll be taking care of yourself so you can better care for everyone else.

Our mood & mentality can influence our wellbeing. Dopamine is the Happy Hormone which is released when we are having a darn good time with people we love. So know that when you pick up that hobby you haven’t done in a while or laugh out loud with a room full of your “besties” your hormones are naturally being balanced. Dopamine helps us to stay inspired & helps us to focus on something specific. This amazing brain chemical communicates information throughout our brain signally a response to the body. Neurotransmitters like Dopamine, Serotonin & Norepinephrine will function by either aiding in calming the brain or stimulating it. Dopamine is unique as it performs both of these functions.

The foods we eat can affect the neurochemistry of our brains. Our bodies need the right fuel to synthesis energy & to promote a happy mood. When we consume an abundance of packaged foods filled with preservatives or eat produce that has been industrially farmed using pesticides, our bodies can start to feel like they are lacking vibrancy, influencing even our mood. Unfortunately eating this type of food for a long period of time can cause poor nutrition, affecting our hormonal balance & making a person feel more upset & crabby. If we want to feel like the best version of ourself then we really need to be consuming nutritious whole foods. Foods that look like they did when they were grown in nature & that have been properly prepared. A diet rich in nutrient dense foods can make you feel wonderful & even attribute to giving your brain a natural high. An example of mood-boosting foods would be avocados as they help to naturally balance our hormone levels & help as to feel happier. Similarly, tiny sesame seeds contain an amino acid called Tyrosine. This is an amino acids that is used by cells to synthesise proteins & it also boosts Dopamine levels, the Happy Hormone! also, the nutritious vitamins & minerals found in strawberries can help to prevent brain degeneration. Amazing!

Did you know that Vitamin D Deficiencies have been linked to mood disorders. Getting out into the Sunlight & being outdoors will not only increase your Vitamin D absorption but give you a surge in energy too as you breath in all that fresh oxygen. Nearly everyday our family takes a walk in the Sunshine together, we love it!

For those of you who have heard me train & teach you will have heard me say that the specific hormones DHEA & Testosterone can help people to feel more self assured & think clearer. So many times people may be experiencing anxiety or even depression from these hormones being out of balanced or depleted. Please talk to your Health Professional if you are experiencing these symptoms. Contact Angela Fenton, from our Inspired 4 Health Team, if you would like her to equip you with helpful questions to ask your doctor regarding these hormones.

Are You Ready For The 21 Day Challenge?

My family & I are starting it this week. We are going to be retraining our brains to think more positively. Here’s how you do it – At the end of each day you get into the habit of reflecting through your day & realise 3 things that you are grateful for. You see, gratitude generates energy & improves our mood! This is something your whole family could do.

In our Inspired 4 Health Community we hope that you are happy in the present. Experiencing joy & Happiness now & in the coming weeks & not just in years to come.

Happy Health to You & your Family.

Loads of Love from

Angela Fenton & The Inspired 4 Health Team xo

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