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Join us for a beautiful evening in the Innovation Centre at the Sunshine Coast University. We’ll be celebrating Women’s Wellbeing and helping you to SHINE BRIGHT in every stage of your life. Meet and be inspired by many Health Professionals, Practitioners and Wellness Advocates on the night. These professionals will help you to thrive, so that you can GLOW GIRL! There will be two outstanding Special Guests leading informative Sessions followed by our largest ever Interactive Panel set up so that you can ask the professionals your health questions. Get together with some of your best girlfriends and come along to a fantastic night out filled with health inspiration, connection and encouragement.
GLOWING HEALTH EVENT is on Thursday evening May 2nd. Time ~ 6pm – 9:30pm.
Hosted by Inspired 4 Health
Tickets are $40 and you can save your seat here!
See you soon at the Innovation Centre, centrally located at the University of the Sunshine Coast 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs Queensland #youglowgirl




Amina Eastham-Hillier (B.H.Sc.Nat, Adv.Dip.H.Sc.HM,Dip.Nut)

Amina owns a successful multi-modality clinic in Noosa comprising of 18 practitioners.
With over 15 years of Naturopathic and 25 years of nutritional practice, she successfully treats chronic illnesses and complex cases.

Amina is a Keynote speaker presenting to medical doctors and naturopaths at International conferences, medical documentaries, TV interviews, radio, seminars, webinars, podcasts & workshops.
She is the author of “Lyme Natural” encompassing Naturopathic treatment for Lyme disease, co infections, mould illness and stealth infections. Amina won the award for ‘Australian Practitioner of the year’ in 2017 and is currently finalizing her second book (Chronic stealth infections – Filling in the missing pieces).

Amina will be one of our Special Guest Speakers. Her Session is all about the causes and triggers of health complaints.

Putting the jigsaw pieces together of chronic symptoms:
“There are many factors that can contribute to our ‘overwhelm’ and health challenges. It is always a good start to look at the most common contributions to illness such as nutritional deficiencies, toxicity and stress but there are often many other pieces of the puzzle that get missed.
Stealth infections can often be the underlying issues of many chronically ill patients especially those with ongoing fatigue, pain and neurodegenerative symptoms. Such pathogens are regularly undetected in general medical testing leaving patients misdiagnosed, confused or worse still, being told there is nothing wrong with them.
As Amina specializes in chronic illness, she has had to delve deeper into why patients are suffering from Adrenal depletion, Chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, arthritis and other autoimmune conditions. Upon many investigations and hundreds of cases later, it is apparent that many of these patients are dealing with not just bacterial infections, but chronic viral, yeast and parasitic infections triggering these autoimmune responses. In this session Amina will present some common pieces of the missing puzzle, stealth infections and tips of how to recognise, test and treat chronic symptoms”.

Doctor Nicole Nelson ~ Integrative Medical Practitioner (FRACGP, BPHARM, MBBS)

Doctor Nicole is a medical doctor with a background in pharmacy and general practice. She has a Bachelor degree in pharmacy from Sydney University and worked as a hospital pharmacist before studying Medicine at the University of Queensland.
Doctor Nicole has a long-standing interest in diet, lifestyle and nutrients and how these three key components can prevent and treat so many common illnesses we face.
With a background in Pharmacy, Doctor Nicole knows how powerful and in some cases lifesaving medicine can be but also how certain medicines can deplete the body of nutrients. An example of this is antacids that can impair the absorption of nutrients like iron, calcium and B12.
Doctor Nicole loves delving into a problem and working out different factors we can use to help achieve a better health outcome and completes thorough nutritional testings on her patience.
Health Complaints that Doctor Nicole can help you with are –
Migraines, Immune system problems (i.e children or adults with recurrent infections and no cause has been found), Infertility, Acne, Allergies, Obesity, Gut issues, Mental health issues, Autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, Anorexia, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Chronic fatigue syndrome and Hyperemesis (rare but debilitating)
As an integrative medical Doctor, she understands that most of her patients’ illnesses and even those of herself and her own family, can be linked to diet, lifestyle choices and nutrient deficiencies.

Doctor Nicole Nelson is another special Guest Speaker. Her session is all about solutions to health complaints and finding action plans to best suit you. From Surviving to Thriving – Maximising Energy and Hormones for Vitality. Foundational principles to experience glowing health and how to become energised on a daily basis.Learn how to support your Hormones and Immune System to improve your overall wellbeing.


Doctor Sandeep Gupta (MBBS MA FRACGP FACNEM)

Doctor Gupta is a vocationally registered general practitioner who runs an integrative medicine clinic on the Sunshine Coast. His main passion relates to finding the underlying causes and innovated approaches to managing chronic illness. Dr Gupta graduated from medical school at the University of Queensland 1999. He has received specialized training in integrative medicine, and was awarded a Fellowship of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in 2008 and a Fellowship of the Australian College of General Practitioners in 2010. He also has a physician training certification with Dr Ritchie Shoemaker in biotoxin illness and Masters of Nutrition with Dr Gabriel Cousens in diabetes and living food nutrition. He is currently a board member of the Australian Chronic Infectious & Inflammatory Disease Society (ACIIDS) and also the International Society for Acquired Environmental Illness (ISEAI). He has a broad range of interests including environmental medicine, management of cardiology and cancer cases and mast cell activation syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity and management of chronic infections.

Barbara Cullinan BSc. Physiotherapy Hon

Barbs qualified as a physiotherapist in 1999, ad has been working for the past 17 years, most consistently in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. This was a natural progression having previously qualified with an honours degree in exercise science and ergonomics (Human Movement Studies).

She has had the opportunity to work in 3 continents and in varying capacities. During her 5 years in the UK, Barbs was a senior physiotherapist with the National Health Service managing a busy practice in a GP clinic. In addition she worked in private practice, contracted to the British Army, at the Medical Reception Station, St Georges Barracks, Bicester.
In Australia Barbs has worked in private practice as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, in hospital Rehabilitation departments, in community based practice including geriatrics and in Paediatrics; both Early Childhood Development and sports injuries. Barbs is enthusiastic, committed to delivering quality care and driven to achieve exceptional patient outcomes. She understands the importance of multidisciplinary case-management and has a lot of experience in a broad range of treatments and modalities for restoring function and improving quality of life.
Barbs is also passionate about education; continued professional and personal development as well as helping patients to achieve their full potential and learn to manage their own health outcomes. She has extensive knowledge in exercise prescription understanding that this is essential to long term treatment success.
Barbs also works with a unique cellular health product that is revolutionary in it’s breakthrough in health, anti aging and athletic performance, harnessing your body’s own mechanisms to regain and maintain health from a cellular level.

Kim Morrison ~ Best-selling Author, Facilitator, Health and Lifestyle Educator

There is so much more to Kim Morrison than meets the eye.
Tenacity is probably the first word that comes to mind. Her journey and all she has accomplished to date has all stemmed from her unwavering self-belief and her deep understanding that you must also take care of yourself first and foremost.
Kim set a world record as the youngest female to run 100miles in less than 24 hours in 1983. Cliff Young was her mentor throughout and still to this day lives by his ethos that success is 90% mental and 10% physical. She has used her running story as a direct metaphor for life – riding the highs, hitting the walls, pushing through the pain barriers, crossing the line and never, ever giving up!
Kim wholeheartedly believes that it’s about visualising your dream and going for it – regardless of the feedback you receive or the challenges you face.
In 2008 Kim founded Twenty8 Essentials, an organic chemical-free skincare and aromatherapy company with inspiring, online education programs around the fundamentals of self-care. She is a five times best-selling author, facilitator, Health and Lifestyle Educator.
Kim is well respected on the speaking circuit and has programs that focus on personality profiling and as well as leadership, teamwork and going the distance. Her personality profiling and teamwork programs provide incredible insight into how we all work with each other and provide real insights and strategies into working together better as a team. These strategies are also key when facilitation strategic and business planning sessions.

Kirsty Wirth ~ Co-Author & Founder of Kultured Wellness

Kirsty Wirth is the founder of Kultured Wellness, a company whose mission is to inspire and educate people to take control of their health by eating real and fermented foods that nourishes the brain and the gut. She is the brainchild behind the Kultured Wellness Culture Starters and functional supplements, the Kultured Wellness Optimal Gut Healing Programs and is the co-author GUTALICIOUS. Kirsty has appeared on numerous leading health and wellness podcasts and is well known for being able to break down complex concepts into easy to understand information.
She has been called the Gut Guru, an Intuitive Healer and her research and work in the area of gut health has been life changing for many of her clients. Her qualification and experience in education, teaching and research spans over 15 years and continues to drive her purpose of empowering the community to gain knowledge and understanding so they can be well and thrive. She is a HUGE nature lover, a mother, a fervent advocate for children on the spectrum, you just can’t help but be touched by her spirit and infectious enthusiasm.

Simone Leslie ~ Master Neuro Strategist

Simone Leslie is an International Master Neuro Strategist, author & speaker. She has presented to millions through national television and live audiences for over 20 years. Her forte is getting rid of self-sabotage, limitations & blockages of success by rewiring neural programs. Simone has worked with fortune 500 companies, top corporate executives, elite athletes, small business and everyday individuals to help create exponential breakthrough.
“Most often the thing that limits us from achieving our dreams and goals is not the lack of knowledge or ability; it’s what’s already written in our brain. The limiting beliefs we run off, about life, what we deserve, our worth, finances & core identity, are what holds us back from achieving our best life. Be it personal, or business outcomes, the process for breaking through involves the discovery & re-wiring of limiting neurological pathways. This is what delivers exponential results!” Simone explains.
Simone has created several life changing online & live programs that deal with the root cause of anxiety & depression. Her trade mark Neuro Success Strategies and techniques literally transform lives. “The person you walk in will be different to the one who walks out!”
Simone & her husband David have built and funded several orphanages, early learning centres & transformed communities over the years in developing nations, including Cambodia, Zambia, Ethiopia and Kenya. The profits from her book & businesses go to funding these projects.

Laini Oldfield ~ Founder of The Wholefood Collective

Trying to pull off an organic whole food lifestyle was driving Laini, Jordan and their 5 kids nuts. So the Wholefood Collective (TWC) was born. TWC makes whole foods ‘doable’ for every Aussie family, by giving access to home-delivered, highly vetted organic whole foods at big savings, AND cutting through the confusion by giving support & guidance on how to ‘do’ whole foods.
Laini’s biggest achievement is bringing her own family across the line, but she’s also personally helped over 8,000 people to eat more real, whole food through her online 21-Day ‘Wholefood My Family’ Challenge, and at live workshops.
She’s particularly interested in: the ways food can help us reach specific health goals (functional food), boosting the nutrition in any meal without being ‘detected’, making whole food work for a busy family, meal planning, school lunches, strategies for helping family members come to the ‘whole food party’ over time, and being patient and forgiving of ourselves.
Laini’s goal is to see all Australians healthier and happier through nourishing body and mind through real food.

The Owners and Founders of Artisan Chemist will be joining us on the Panel. Faiz and Noora Ferdosian specialise in compounding pharmacy.

Artisan Chemist is a boutique compounding pharmacy that specialises in compounded medicines, nutritional supplements, skin care, and dermaceuticals. Located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, but ships world wide!

Doctor Tom Wauchope Holistic & Integrative Dentist

Dr Tom has crafted an approach to dentistry that desires to achieve more than just dental health, to truly go after the wellbeing of each individual.

Graduating from Griffith University, Gold Coast, Dr Tom Wauchope has been privileged to learn and work in one of Australia’s leading holistic dental clinics for over 8 years. Following a Spirit-led move to the Sunshine coast in 2018 he is excited to continue the journey of health with old and new clients. A life marked by continually evolving encounters with others has led to a deep compassion and understanding for people from diverse backgrounds and for those with complex special needs.

This has driven him to search out the best treatments and approaches to care for each individual. Alongside excellence in general dentistry, Dr Tom has studied nutritional medicine, homeotoxicology, oral myofunctional therapy and buteyko breathing retraining, holistic kids dentistry, functional orthodontics, interdisciplinary headache & TMJ treatments, complex aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, sleep medicine and more.

His desire is to work with individuals and families to achieve the best possible health outcomes, both now and into the future; dentistry that is about people, not just teeth.

Janet Haworth B.Nat; Grad Dip Health; Masters in Nursing

Janet Haworth is a qualified Naturopath, Registered Nurse, and HeartMath Stress Coach with over 20 years of experience guiding and supporting men and women to restore their health and wellbeing so they can lead fuller, more soul-satisfying lives.

Using modalities such as herbal and nutritional medicine, alongside homeopathy and lifestyle counselling, she empowers her patients to stop feeling stuck and powerless with a holistic approach to health care.

With a Masters in Nursing and experience working in hospitals and remote Indigenous Australian communities, Janet has seen first-hand how the futile work of the current medical system impacts families. She believes everyone deserves to live life at their fullest potential and is on a mission to make true wellness more accessible to everyone.

Janet is particularly passionate about women’s health and is the author of “The Fabulous Female Forties: Navigating the Peri-Menopausal Years”. She’s not shy when it comes to ‘down there’ and is passionate about inspiring women to rock their 40s and 50s with confidence and courage!

Janet sees clients privately at Fresh Holistic Health in Forest Glen and also has a 6-week online program launching in May for women who want to regain control of their busy lives and move through peri to post menopause with ease.

Kate Arthy Epigenetic Based Health Coach & Founder of Lifestyle Artists

Kate’s passion for movement and health has been a lifelong love affair.
Since completing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Sport and Exercise Science, Kate has had over 13 years of experience within the health, wellness and fitness space.
Sharing her love of health and transformation with her husband, together they founded Lifestyle Artists – personalised, epigenetic based health coaching services. Kate is one of the most qualified epigenetics based health coaches in Australia. Not only is she highly trained, she works closely alongside the Australian executive team of ph360, the worlds leading epigenetics technology.
Kate brings her personal experience, her extensive training, and her passion for supporting others together. With a natural gift for problem solving, she can take anyone’s health concerns and turn them into vitality and vibrancy for life.

Lisa Bruton – Occupational Therapist, Behavioural Analyst & Life Coach. Founder of Arise Sanctuary.

Lisa is the founder and director of Arise Sanctuary, an organisation that runs luxury boutique retreats for women. A qualified occupational therapist, behavioural analyst and life coach, Lisa is passionate about creating spaces for women to stop and connect to their identity, purpose and destiny. Arise runs domestic and international retreats for women to rest and be refreshed, to restore their hearts and reestabilsh their identities. International retreats have been held in a castle in the Loire Valley, France; a Riad in Morocco and private tropical islands in the Philippines.



See you on Thursday evening, May 2nd 6pm in the Innovation Centre at USC.
Lots of love,
Ange Fenton & the I4H Team


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