Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts E-Book



My New E-Book Is Published


It’s all about enjoying life & having a lighter load to carry. Creating more Sweet Moments of Happiness instead of being Stressed. Learn to nurture yourself so that you can have lots of energy to care for those who are close to your heart.

I’m so excited for you…

You see the words penned in this book have been incorporated into my life, and I’m a living testimony that it works! I have overcome pro-longed periods of stress and my body has been healed from the effects of this. No more fatigue! No more hormone imbalances! My Digestive system is so much healthier as well! This e-book can give you wonderful tools helping you to de-stress on a DAILY BASIS! There’s no need anymore to suffer unnecessarily from acute lengthy periods of stress. The principles in these writings are part of my Maintenance Cycle and I apply them to my daily life.

You can read about Twenty Wise Time ideas to help you re-fuel and tank -up daily! Understand, as I do now, the invaluable truth that Self Care & time out for just you is extremely important. Those who you deeply care about will reap the benefits of a well rested & happier version of yourself. So get ready to create enjoyable & sweet moments together with your family, friends and colleagues. Here’s to a lighter load and a more enjoyable life!

HAPPY READING From Angela & the Inspired 4 Health Team.

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