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Resting is The Second Pillar of Health

Resting ~ The Second Pillar of Health!

I used to battle with fatigue, digestive complaints & hormonal imbalances… but I don’t have these terrible symptoms anymore! One of the fundamental nuggets that I have learnt on my journey back to wellness is the importance of incorporating REST into your DAILY schedule. If you set your heart and commit to taking care of yourself each day, you and your loved ones will reap the benefits. You’ll feel more like yourself & prevent pro-longed periods of stress occurring for days, weeks, months & years.

We can Create more sweet moments of happiness in our lives when we incorporate this second pillar into our lifestyles.

In this article I will be discussing how to have respite daily, what are some secrets behind having a wonderful deep sleep at night and how to take the stress out of your life through time blocking!

In my e-book I’ve penned 20 easy ways to nurture yourself so that you can have lots of energy day in and day out. I’ve coined these activities Wise Times & if you would like to adapt these to your routine then you can purchase this e-book for $7.95 by clicking here – Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts  I set aside 15 minutes each & everyday for myself. This helps me to stay on top of my game & have renewed energy for all the pressing tasks at hand. Some of my favourite ways to unwind are …

  1. Walking through a beautiful garden & taking time to smell the roses and the HERBS
  2. Sitting quietly and being mindful of the moment is one of the easiest ways to bring the feeling of being overwhelmed and on the go to a stand still. Brewing a cup of tea, sitting and sipping should help you slow down and relax. It’s a good idea to have a pen and paper to right down any thoughts you may have. This allows your mind to be freed up again. Now let feelings of thankfulness and gratitude fill your heart.
  3. Listening to classical music & even learning to play an instrument like the piano can create quite a tempering and softening to our emotions.
  4. Inhaling Jasmine essential oil as it is a well-regarded natural solution for improving mood, overcoming stress and even balancing hormones. A few drops of Lavender in a bath helps us to rest and no longer be stressed.
  5. Reading a lovely book has more benefits than you may think. Reading of course promotes relaxation and helps the body to calm down. Tune into your breathing for part of this time and be conscious of breathing in deeper breaths rather than shallow fast breaths. By choosing to read a book rather than a computer screen you will decrease those harmful Electro Magnetic Fields.
  6. Grounding is one of my favourite pass times. Emerging scientific research suggests that earthing or grounding with the earth’s electrons helps to lower free radical damage from exposure to EMF. Grounding can even help to lesson inflammation and pain. Amazingly enough, kicking your shoes off and letting your feet get all dirty in the soil allows you to come into contact with the earth’s negative electron charges which can help to stabalise your circadian rhythm.

A Word about Circadian Rhythm & Getting that Deep Sleep That You Need.

Keep your circadian rhythm. Most Hormones are released according to your sleep cycle. Your nightly sleep is of utmost importance! Make SLEEP a PRIORITY. Resist putting chores, time with friends and even your own down time ahead of your evening sleep. To align your rhythm again, go to bed each night at the same time & wake up at the same time. As soon as it is morning let natural bright light be seen by the retinas in your eyes. Going out into the sunlight in the morning tells your body & your hormones it is daytime. Develop a ROUTINE. Get to bed no later than 10pm if you can. Consider writing, reading or even needlework as something you may like to do each night before you turn off your bedside lamp. Remove Electronic Equipment out of your bedroom as these omit EMF & will not help a person to relax. Head to the beach & get into the sunshine as much as possible during the day as this sure does help us to sleep better in the evenings. Decorate your bedroom so that it evokes the emotions of relaxation and peacefulness.

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping At Night?

Have you considered getting specific hormones tested to prevent insomnia? For instance, If your Cortisol levels are too high then this hormone could be fluctuating and raising at the wring time. Cortisol should be high in the morning and lower in the evenings. This is the very hormone that wakes us up in the morning. If you are running on adrenaline & wired all the time then your Cortisol levels will most likely be to high late at night. Did you know that drinking a glass of water before bed is a natural way to lower your cortisol levels. There are other hormone imbalances that could be attributed to insomnia & these are discussed at Angela Fenton’s High Teas & Health Talks.

Time Blocking is Genius! 

I have recently started to create Time Blocks in my weekly scheduling to help me organise better wellness boundaries for myself, cause I tend to always want to do my best & then I can fall into the trap of over doing it. Assigning very specific tasks to blocks of time is so beneficial & you’ll be living your days proactively rather than reactively. Certain Days for Certain things is my new Motto!!! It’s also a great idea to let others know what times you are available. Stay true to your times allocated. If you have a lot on in one particular day then the following day definitely needs to be less taxing and more relaxing! Organisation helps to prevent stress. It’s not hard and just requires a little discipline until you’re in the habit of thinking ahead.

Resting is the second area that helped me to regain my health back. The first pillar of health is Nutrition & the Digestive System. The second pillar is rest.

Enjoy reading my e-book too Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts

Happy Repeated Rest Inspired 4 Health Community

From Angela Fenton & The Inspired 4 Health Team


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