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Sleep Is Free & It’s The BEST Performance Enhancer

Did you know that beautiful restorative sleep is the BEST Performance Enhancer?

Everything in life gets better when we can sleep at least eight hours each night for adults and even longer hours are needed for little growing bodies. We really need to master our evening sleep so that we don’t fall down a spiral of hormonal imbalances. Nearly every hormone is released adequately or inadequately according to our Sleep Cycle.

Our general wellbeing, productivity and even relationships are all positively affected when we get enough sleep each night. We can loose weight, prevent wrinkly skin, improve mood and enhance our memory when we get enough hours sleep.

Sleep restores health to our bodies and it is FREE! Why then don’t we make sleep a priority and get lovely rests each evening?

There are four reasons why we don’t take advantage of this free immune booster….

Firstly, being busy drives our culture. Some people in society could wear a badge that reads, “If You Snooze You loose” Many people are sleep deprived and truly have NO time for themselves! Choosing to work all the way through, so they can get the boxes ticked and all their ducks in a row. Unfortunately, though burnout is becoming a trend in out modern busy society. Having come through a colossal learning curb in my life, I finally understand the wise principle of SELF-CARE. Nurturing our own bodies through long restorative sleep helps us to refuel and revitalise our energy reserves. I am also an advocate of Wise Time  or Sweet Moments (as I’ve coined it). Taking fifteen minutes time out each day just for you! These new healthy habits have been life changing for me and definitely help to abate any stress levels trying to rise. I like to always keep this in check now. You can read about the practical ways to rest and refuel daily in my eBook
“Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts!”

Secondly, to take full advantage of this free gift of sleep and to enhance your daily performance it requires something of you… You Guessed It, Discipline! I’m still working on this and here’s how I’m changing… I have purposed in my heart more and more to make sleep a priority! I’m making the conscious effort to go to bed at the same time each night, most evenings. This in itself is such a fabulous tool to reset and stabilise your natural sleep-wake cycle, otherwise known as your Circadian Rhythm.

The third reason for not getting enough sleep at night is of course if you have young children who haven’t quite learnt how to sleep all the way through the night. Please rest when they rest during the day, you’ll feel so much more like yourself again. And remember it’s only a “stage” and you will get back to having those lengthy night sleeps soon when this season is over.

Fourthly, your hormones may be imbalanced. If you are tired but wired, continually on the go each day and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, then you may have High Cortisol Levels. Prolonged elevated cortisol levels can cause sleep deprivation, increased belly fat, brain fog and accelerates the aging process. Ultimately, your Cortisol levels should be lower in the evenings, which is part of your natural rhythm. High Cortisol in the evenings from being continually stressed and on the go make it very hard to fall asleep. Please make an appointment with a fantastic holistic doctor if you are experiencing difficulty falling asleep and request to have your Cortisol and DHEA hormones checked. Blood and salvia tests can be elected.

It’s time to make a resolution. Let’s all agree to support one another in getting into bed on time. Have “Wise Time” & “Sweet moments” daily. Now consider applying some of the tips below from my previous post to assist with a deep nights sleep.

1. Own your sleep cycle. Please do not rely on sleeping pills as they do not add to the quality of your sleep and can have nasty side effects down the track.
2. Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol. Both of these will raise your cortisol levels and actually rob your body of the restorative sleep that it needs. I metabolise caffeine slowly so I am quite sensitive to it.
3. Remove Electronic Equipment out of your bedroom as these omit EMF & will not help a person to relax.
4. Keep your bedroom cool in temperature.
5. Make SLEEP a PRIORITY. Resist putting chores, time with friends and even your own down time ahead of your evening sleep.

Resting and Restorative Sleep are the Second Pillar of Health.

Happy Health Inspired 4 Health Community!

xo Angela Fenton & the Inspired 4 Health Team


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