Leaky Gut Syndrome

A condition known as Leaky Gut Syndrome refers to the lining in a person’s intestines becoming perforated. This unfortunately can trigger and lead to many other health disturbances, predominantly inflammation based auto immune disease.

Visualise the lining of your digestive tract like a net with very tiny holes in it, which is actually the space that exists between the cells of the intestinal wall. Only certain substances should pass through this. The gut lining actually works as a barrier keeping out bigger particles that can damage your body & the digestive system. Sadly, poor diet, stress, toxic overloads & bacterial imbalances known as dysbiosis can cause the net to get tears in it. Bigger holes in the net are made so that unintended food particles like the protein gluten, other undigested food particles & bacteria can now pass through straight into the blood stream. Subsequently the immune system reacts. The GI Tract becomes inflamed causing symptoms such as new food sensitivities, thyroid imbalances, fatigue, brain fog & ultimately autoimmunity. The immune system thinks that these large molecules are foreign substances & starts producing antibodies against them. The antibodies get into different tissues & cause the inflammatory reaction.



  • Remove stress & foods that damage the gut. Foods containing gluten & sugar are big culprits! Genetically modified foods have damaging affects as well. Dairy & meats that have been filled with hormones & antibiotics need to also be removed from your diet.
  • Drink & eat wonderful soothing healing foods such as home made bone broths, fermented foods high in probiotics (sauerkraut) & raw cultured dairy (I used goat’s milk kefir which was easy to digest & gentle on the stomach)
  • Gently increase your probiotics intake, as this will heal the dysbiosis in your gut. Also taking a digestive enzyme recommended by your health professional is beneficial. Enzymes help to fully digest the foods you eat.
  • Eating foods that have anti-inflammatory properties like wild caught salmon.
  • Fiber sources to ingest would be steamed vegetables, stewed fruits & chia seeds.