Adrenal Fatigue & Adrenal Exhaustion


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A few years prior to my year of rest in 2012, I did not listen to the warning signs that I was experiencing. Just like most vibrant young Mummy’s I went back to work while my daughter was a toddler. The trouble being, I naively gave 100% effort in my job & of course 110% effort to my family who I cared for & love so much. I was zealous & so keen to go the extra mile in motherhood, family life & my full time job. I had never been very sick before and truly didn’t realise my boundaries & limits. Out of devotion, I just kept going & going! I made very little time for myself. Unwisely, I was burning the candle at both ends. My immune system began to take a beating. Not enough sleep at night led me to frequently picking up lots of bugs & viruses. For about twelve months my stomach would repeatedly become unsettled & it would leave me feeling nauseous (I later discovered that I had contracted a parasite at this time). I wasn’t eating cleanly! I managed to meet all my work deadlines & give my family love & support but it came at a personal cost to myself. My wonderful health was showing signs of not coping with this plentiful schedule! At the end of that year I contracted viral pneumonia. I ceased full time work & had a break for a few months. I then worked on a part time casual basis, which was a far better scenario but the effects of the previous year had been put in motion! Even though I lessoned my workload, I had reoccurring stomach troubles. I was easily stressed & was finding it hard to carry any load, metaphorically speaking. Another warning sign though! You can read more of my health history if you CLICK HERE.

Finally my body said ENOUGH!!! The onset of fatigue was present, something I had never experienced before & I had no choice but to REST the entire year of 2012. I began to listen to my body. Although it was a very unpleasant period, I gleaned wisdom & understanding. As my body became rejuvenated with rest, I researched as much as I could to help get out of this unusual state. It was time to take care of myself so that I could inturn eventually take care of others, especially those closest to my heart.

I learnt so many truths through this whole experience & it would be a privilege to share them with you. I hope to give you nuggets that will short cut your journey back to health. I would love to share with you solutions that gave me victory in this battle with adrenal fatigue & other health disturbances. A couple of years latter I studied to become a Certified Health Coach and said goodbye to my former profession. I’ve been connected with some amazing `Hero’s In The Health Arena’ & at the `Inspired 4 Health Seminars’ I unpackage who these heroes are in more detail & how they can also help advise you. I hope to see your journey to health accelerated! May you have victory over the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, like I have!

 What is Adrenal Fatigue

Fatigue & burnout are becoming more apparent these days. Stress is part of life. It isn’t totally bad though. When our hormones are balanced & we go through a short period of stress, our bodies respond by producing a brief surge of cortisol, just like an alarm clock going off. Cortisol is used in these instances as a protective mechanism… when we hear surprising news, for example, our cortisol releases glucose and gives us a boost of energy for that very moment. Soon after the levels return to normal again.

Unfortunately, the `dial’ can get stuck on the cortisol surge or boost button for some people. When we say “Yes” to just about everything & constantly overload our schedules, the cortisol runs on high for a long duration of time. You’ve heard the term, running on adrenaline, right? Doing this for weeks, months or even years can send cortisol levels through the roof. High Cortisol Levels is the First Stage of Adrenal Fatigue! I was a typical textbook example of all three stages of Adrenal Gland Fatigue.

In Stage Two, DHEA (another adrenal hormone of importance) remains at low levels while the cortisol hovers between normal to low. Leaving a person feeling tired & stressed but able to function. DHEA is like the breaks in a car. It helps us to calm down & to be less anxious. Cortisol is like the accelerator pedal and overtime, the adrenals can no longer sustain the cortisol’s non-stop high output of glucose & energy.

Finally in the third stage the cortisol level is depleted, making the person feel exhausted all the time. A person in this stage can begin to suffer from very low blood pressure. Running on adrenaline for months, weeks or years burns you out & your pretty pearl like glands.

The thyroid gland works hand in hand with your adrenals. When cortisol is out of balance it can slow down the thyroid function. Sadly, people who experience both extremes ~ high or low cortisol levels and an underperforming thyroid can get a double dose of fatigue & exhaustion.

Small adjustments to your lifestyle can make a huge impact on your own wellness!

I’ve got good news for you. I have lived through these three stages of Adrenal Fatigue & I know what to do now. Please take time to read the ACTION PLAN below to find some solutions to your symptoms.


Inspired 4 Health’s  ACTION PLAN :- To Be Free From Adrenal Fatigue & Exhaustion

  • Listen to your body. If it feels overwhelmed then have some quiet time out for yourself. For instance, you may want to read quietly in your garden.
  • It’s definitely time to relax & take time out for yourself
  • Get back into your Circadian Rhythm. Go to bed at the same time every night before 11pm which is when most of us can get your second wind. In the mornings flood your home with natural light & even go outside in the sun. This all helps with restoring your rhythm. Remember your sleep at night is of utmost importance.
  • Lower stress levels by taking mini siesta each day ~ You may find you need to do this multiple times if you crash to the exhaustion stage, but the good news is this can be lessoned over time & eventually you should only need ONE siesta a day for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Daily gently exercise & not to rigorous to begin with.
  • Eat nutrient dense foods. Real foods not processed.
  • Learn to say No! In order to completely heal from this condition you need to stop further kidney energy leaking.
  • Find a doctor who will have an understanding of your symptoms & not just the blood test results. Ultimately a doctor who marries a holistic approach to wellness (using natural therapies) with medicine.
  • Detox daily ~ make sure your tummy is clean on the inside & you are having regular bowl movements.
  • Remove gluten from your diet, especially if your thyroid function is low. Gluten sensitivity can lead to `Leaky Gut Syndrome’ otherwise know as Intestinal Permeability.
  • Do NOT drink caffeine or eat sugar. These will cause your adrenals to be stimulated & work harder right when you’re trying to gently heal them.
  • Strengthen your immune system with Vitamins.
  • Be careful when using adaptagen herbs in late stages (stage 2 and 3) of adrenal fatigue heading to exhaustion. Ginsengs, ashwaganda, rhodiola & licorice root help to lower cortisol levels and therefore can worsen your condition causing your already low cortisol levels to crash when in the late stages. These herbs can certainly help in stage 1 when cortisol is running on high.
  • It’s a great idea to get your Cortisol, DHEA & Thyroid Hormones tested. Your doctor can administer Blood & Saliva tests. In more severe cases (stage 3) you may require bioidentical adrenal hormones. Your doctor may choose DHEA alone or combine it with cortisol, both at low physiological doses based on your very own test results. Bioidentical cortisol NOT cortisone.
  • Here’s something very important to note, most requested thyroid blood tests will automatically include T3, T4 & TSH levels in your blood. However, it is very worthwhile to request a Reverse T3 blood test to be done as well. Remember adrenal fatigue may result in thyroid imbalances, which further complicate fatigue symptoms.
  • Ask you doctor to test your Aldosterone & Vasopressin levels in your blood or urine. This will help measure potassium & sodium in your blood, contributing to possible low blood pressure.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to rest!!
  • Very gradually increase a tiny bit of `load` back into your schedule. Take note of how you feel. If you can handle it then you’re pulling out of the burn out stage. If you can’t that’s okay, try again in a little while.
  • Dream big & think about all the wonderful things you are going to do when you feel better. Things that you enjoy!
  • Have people in your life who are very uplifting & encouraging
  • Do things that make you happy. Laughter has wonderful healing properties.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Have boundaries in place now so that you don’t get over whelmed or feel burdened anymore. Actually knowing your boundaries will enable you to give your best to your loved ones & future profession.
  • As you gradually start to feel better don’t forget the art of unwinding. For instance take leisurely strolls in the countryside or along the beach.
  • Practice forgiving others regularly & having a grateful heart.