Health & Life At A Cellular Level

Health & Life are found in our blood. This incredible fluid carries oxygen & nutrients to every part of our body. The Circulatory System also does its part in removing waste materials into the lymphatics & then through the bowel.

If you want to find the root cause of any sickness in your body ~ take a close look at your blood!! I DID AND IT HELPED ME IMMENSLY!!!

On my journey back to health I visited Maria Waldock (who holds a Diploma of Applied Science in Pathology). She specialises in Live & Dry Blood Analysis. Maria conducted a Live Blood Analysis on me. She took a pin prick of blood from my finger & observed it immediately under a powerful microscope while the cells were still alive. The microscopic activity was then visually projected on to a large screen. She then began to explain any disturbances & balances she saw in my blood at that time.

At a stage when I was feeling terribly sick Maria was so positive & encouraging. She repeatedly would tell me “you know your body is so amazing Angela, it really wants to heal itself”. It is remarkable how our bodies have a healing mechanism inside of them.

Simply put, Maria says, “Our blood needs to be healthy in order for us to maintain good health. In fact, the health of our blood is VITAL! As I see it, your health is in your blood. Your blood comes in contact with every cell in your body on a moment-by-moment basis. Healthy blood is Integral to health.”

I would take the results from my Live Blood Analysis to my phytotherapist (Herbalist) & my Holistic Medical Doctor.




The Plasma is the fluid in which the red & white cells move around. It is much like the water in a fish tank – if the water in a fish tank is full of bacteria & lacks oxygen, the fish die. Cells are no different. In cases where the plasma becomes unhealthy, organisms like bacteria, fungi, candida & parasites all thrive in such an environment & they take over. Candida will actually eat both the red & white cells. Oh No!!!! Bacteria in the Plasma make the red blood cells stick together like a pile of coins, known as rouleaux. As this condition develops it becomes increasingly harder for the white cells to get around in the blood to do their job of cleaning. When an individual suffers from rouleaux they usually experience inflammatory symptoms in their body.

White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells are in fact your immune system. They function by stretching out, engulfing the red blood cells & cleaning them of bacteria. When this is complete the red cells pulsate with life & are able to flow around the body giving nutrients & oxygen as hey pass through the capillaries.

Ultimately, the White Blood Cells protect the body from invaders, parasites, bacteria, foreign bodies & infections by eating them, which is called “phagocyting”. WOW!!!

Red Blood Cells

The main job of the Red Blood Cells is to carry oxygen & nutrients absorbed from the digestive system around the body to all it’s parts. This occurs from “single” Red Blood Cells only, as they pass through the capillaries the nutrients & oxygen are dispurst.Unfortunately, things like bacteria, make the Red Blood Cell walls sticky & prevents them from taking the nutrients around. Additionally, this makes it hard for the heart to pump “clumps” of cells. Life truly depends upon the healthy condition of both the Red & White Blood Cells.

Red Blood Cells live for 120 days. Dead cells end up in the bowel. We need to consciously be aware of keeping our bowels working efficiently on a daily basis, as many dead cells can block the bowels causing constipation. When this occurs it can foul the blood as the bowel fluid is drawn back into the blood from bowel arteries/veins & lymphatic tissue.


These are tiny discs. Platelets seal tears & cuts in damaged blood vessels. They also produce fibrin, which in turn make the blood clot. Clotting can actually stop a person from bleeding to death & some fibrin is necessary.DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS MORE BLOOD DISTRIBUTED TO THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM THAN THERE IS IN THE BRAIN OR THE HEART? (Except when you are exercising~ more blood would then flow to the Muscles)

It is from the Digestive System that the body receives it’s life-giving nutrients and this is a priority.

Unless you are exercising. This is the only time when blood will be pulled from the digestive system to the much-needed muscles. This is one of the main reason you should never do exercise directly after eating.

Arterial & Venous Blood Distribution

Blood is always a mixture of oxygenated & de-oxygenated blood. The Circulatory System involvesArterial oxygenated blood, which is found in the lungs, the left chambers of the heart, and in the arteries. It is red in colour & is always leaving the heart through our arteries. Alternatively, Venous de-oxygenated blood appears blue through our skin. It has given up the oxygen to the body & is on its way back to the heart. This type of blood travels through our veins.