Strengthening Your Immune System

The majority of your immune system is in your gut!

Taking care of your digestive tract should certainly strengthen your immune. Detoxing & ridding yourself of unhealthy bacteria and candida will allow your body to be healed at a cell level! The majority of your immune system functions in the gut. At birth about 70% of the immune system cells are in the intestines. As so much of the immune system is associated with the intestines, bowel disease & gastrointestinal disorders can eventuate. These are quite disruptive & harmful. They not only alter digestion & absorption of nutrients, but they also interfere with essential immune functions. Gastrointestinal disorders can lead to a person becoming very malnourished.



  • The number one priority is to get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night & keep your circadian rhythm.
  • Take vitamin supplements that your health professional recommends to you… I have some favourites that my Herbalist advised me to take over a certain period of time.
  • Consider taking vitamins intravenously bypassing the stomach & going straight into the bloodstream. My amazing Holistic Medical Doctor administers this to me. I seem to be able to fight off any niggly thing quickly after having intravenous vitamins & I feel so much more energetic.
  • Consume super foods & real whole foods unadulterated by preservatives.
  • Rid the body of any pathogenetic activity through detoxing & following a protocol given by your health professional.
  • Gently increase your intake of probiotics.