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Three Nourishing Ways To Build STRENGTH Into Your Life

We can become Stronger & reach our highest levels of health when we give our bodies immediate nutrition, by choosing to eat nourishing whole foods. Similarly, we can become Stronger on the inside if we are receiving adequate amounts of Iron & of course we can build strength through resistance training & lifting weights.

Let’s Discuss These THREE Nourishing Ways so You Can Build STRENGTH Into Your Life :~

Which Nourishing Superfood Will Make Us Stronger? Really we eat so differently to ancient civilisations & we can instil some fabulous nutrient dense foods into our diets if we consider how some native populations once ate. The latest science studies are showing that we are actually missing a very important protein from our modern diets. This protein can help us to look fabulous & enable us to be stronger internally. This missing protein is so therapeutic to our bodies & it can prevent or ease the symptoms of joint pain, premature ageing & sagging skin It can beautifully heal our gut lining & strengthen our bones, muscles & hair. So what is this missing protein? It’s Collagen! Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It aids in balancing our hormone levels & creates energy in our bodies, along with the added bonus of strengthening us! Our muscles, bones, skin, digestive system and tendons all benefit from Collagen. One of the Best ways to support Collagen production in our bodies is to make a large pot of bone broth each week for your families. As these inedible animal parts simmer for hours they release Collagen from the animal bones. During this cooking process the collagen slowly breaks down into gelatine, which is absolutely wonderful for helping to support our digestive system. Ingesting this liquid from the slow cooked organic broth not only detoxifies your body but it gives you easily absorbed nutrients & extra strength! You are nourished with minerals such as potassium & sodium. There are a number of different amino acids found within Collagen. Loads of these amino acids can be digested when we consume Bone Broths – including glutamine for gut health, glucosamine for our joints, hyaluronic acid for healthy skin & glycine to help with cellular & liver detoxification.

Muscle meats such as tenderloins or chicken breast were not desirable for ancient civilisations but rather animal bones, cartilage & connective tissues were cooked in pots over fires. Why did they prefer this part of the animal from poultry, beef & fish? They understood the amazing healing properties left in the broth once the animal bones had been cooked & discarded. Collagen is very important for wound healing, firming our skin, building cartilage in our bodies & aids notably in stopping arthritic symptoms, creating bone tissue in our bodies & can even help to strengthen our blood vessels, so beneficial for cardiovascular health. Bone Broth is a nutrient dense food that is so easily absorbed into our bodies & is incredibly nourishing. When you sign up for our regular newsletters you can receive Angela Fenton’s Organic Chicken Bone Broth Recipe as our Gift to you!

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Three Nourishing Ways To Build STRENGTH into your life. Article by Inspired 4 Health. Photo by Birdie & Jack.

Are You Receiving The Right Amount of IRON in Your Daily Food Intake? 

Iron is an essential mineral that gives us strength & energy. Iron helps to make Red Blood Cells in our bodies. These red blood cells predominant function is to carry oxygen & nutrients. To effectively transport this very important oxygen, our red blood cells require a nourishing amount of iron to help them grow healthily into a mature state so that they can perform their specific role in our bodies. Iron rich red blood cells transmit oxygen from our lungs to all the other cells in the body. If a person becomes iron deficient or even anaemic there will be a decrease in oxygen for the cells. Red blood cells become smaller & in some cases are unable to survive if we do not receive adequate amounts of iron through our food intake. Poor absorption, due to a lack of Vitamin C in a diets can also attribute to a decrease in iron stores. Heavy bleeding is of course another way we could become deficient in iron.

It is crucial to check with your Health Professional how your iron levels are tracking. We can have too much iron in our blood or not enough at all. Requesting a blood test with your doctor is important because some people can have the problem of storing too much iron in their bodies. High levels of iron could make a person feel nauseated or have frequent stomach pains. Low levels of iron, on the other hand, could make someone feel exhausted, perhaps have shortness of breath, rapid pulse and heart palpitations, poor concentration, headaches, hair loss and be more susceptible to infections. Another symptom of low iron & one that is often mistaken for a lack of magnesium is experiencing muscle aches and cramps. It only takes two weeks to become magnesium deficient, especially in our hot summer climate when we sweat & consequently loose this mineral too, causing muscle cramping. But please remember, iron deficiency can also mirror the same symptom of cramping & muscle aches.

For those of us who are low in iron, (such as menstruating woman, pregnant woman or generally anyone who is not eating enough iron rich foods), need to consider some fabulous iron rich food sources. Beef, lamb, beans, lentils & dark leafy green vegetables are loaded with iron. One of my favourite healthy snack foods are dates & this gorgeous fruit is another excellent source of iron!

So to be full of strength & energy we must have the right amount of iron stores in our circulatory system. Iron, being a component of hemoglobin inside the red blood cells, determines the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. You can learn more about our Circulatory System on our Inspired 4 Health website.

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Three Nourishing Ways To Build STRENGTH into your life. Article by Inspired 4 Health. Photo by Health Line.

Building Muscle Strength 

I am intentionally building muscle through resistance exercises & lifting weights. Daily I have exercised for years for the purpose of getting more oxygen into my system & renewing my energy reserves. I am undergoing a shift in my wellness goals! Now that I am out of my 30’s I want to focus on building leaner muscle. We can tend to loose muscle mass & become softer after the age of thirty. Strength Training using weights & resistance exercises helps us to build lean muscles. More muscle mass means more energy being created within the mitochondria in our cells, (our cells little powerhouses). Therefore STRENGTH = MORE ENERGY To increase my metabolic rate, I now incorporate Interval Training into my daily routine. When we apply the principals of Interval Training it produces a unique metabolic response. Intermittent exercising causes your body not to burn fat during the training but rather after you exercise. Your metabolism stays elevated & continues to burn fat for the next one to two days. Isn’t that incredible!

An example of Interval Training would be going to an oval & running the straight parts of the oval & walking the curved ends. Or another example would be to cycle quickly on your bicycle for 10 seconds followed by very low impact or almost resting for 12 seconds. When you repeat this for about fifteen minutes you can receive the benefits of Intermittent Interval Training. These are all examples of cardio exercises. My goal is to add weights to my training to create even more energy & muscle mass. My beautiful friend & Personal Trainer has just released her new App for mobile phones. “Shakefit” is an exciting new fitness app that takes all the hassle out of planning your workout by supplying a new workout with just a shake of your phone. You can learn more about this fun new app here.

Here’s to a fantastic year of building STRENGTH in all of our lives.

Loads of Love & Happy Health to You & Your Family

Angela Fenton & The Inspired 4 Health Team

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  1. Naomi February 22, 2017 at 8:33 am #

    Love this Ange! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and tips!

    • Angela Fenton February 25, 2017 at 8:08 pm #

      Your Welcome Beautiful Naomi! I’m really passionate about us thriving in our health & being able to build Strength into our lives, even when we are busy parenting. That Nourishing Organic Chicken Bone Broth is more like a Strengthening Meal that the whole family can enjoy. Lots of love to you & your family, Ange xo

  2. Victoria Breslin February 25, 2017 at 7:54 pm #

    Thank you sweet Angie..Great article/information. I love my bone broth and green healthy smoothies and juices..Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    • Angela Fenton February 25, 2017 at 8:12 pm #

      That’s wonderful Victoria! They’re like Strengthening Tonics that can help to fortify us internally. You’re a fabulous cook xo

  3. Josephine Cooper March 8, 2017 at 12:25 pm #

    You are a wealth of information and great encourager Angela.Thank you

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