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Where’s The Best Place To Start?

The best place to start on your journey back to health is focussing on healing your Digestive System. Not only is what we consume important but the rate at which we get rid of toxins out of our digestive track as well. Consuming high quality nutrient dense foods that are nourishing to the body is just as important as having a clean gastrointestinal system and being able to eliminate this waste daily. Digestion and Detox are the first pillars of health and are the foundation of maintaining a healthy wellbeing.

How Can I Get Rid of Toxins Safely in my Gastrointestinal Track?

I have learnt that a gentle approach is easier on the body and you are more likely to make cleansing a priority and a healthy habit. Elimination and getting rid of toxins does not need to be removed in a dramatic way unless you are in an acute situation and under the guidance of your health professional.

Did you know that we can train our bowels to get into a routine? This established routine could mean the difference between storing toxins in your colon where diseases can develop or instead have ideally two bowel movements a day so that your tummy is “clean” and ready for more healthy foods. The colon is like the body’s sewage system and it needs to be cleaned and emptied so that it can function properly.

Incorporating more plant based foods into your diet will certainly help keep things moving through the gastrointestinal track! Choosing to eat highly processed unnatural foods causes the colon to become burdened with unhealthy debris and toxins. Living real foods that have not been sprayed by harmful chemicals are nutrient dense and aid in the detoxification pathway.

There are certain superfoods that assist our bodies to eliminate toxins more effectively. Foods rich in chlorophyll such as barley, spinach, parsley and coriander contain high levels of chlorophyll. To read more about the amazing healing properties of these superfoods then you can read my article I Need A Green Smoothie! There are some lovely gentle fibre sources you can also eat to spur on the cleansing process like the super-seeds chia, hemp and ground flaxseeds. These fibres will help to bind the toxins to aid in eliminating them safely. These Superfoods are all anti-inflammatory and help to sooth the digestive system so that it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Drinking a good amount of filtered water daily is wonderful for the gastrointestinal track. It helps to flush out both the urinary and gastrointestinal tracks. You may like to add the juice from half a freshly squeezed lemon to enhance the cleansing process, especially first thing in the morning upon rising.

Our bodies naturally cleanse and get rid of toxins through a number of different pathways. The liver, kidneys, our skin, respiratory system all help to detoxify us along with the gastrointestinal and urinal systems.

Staying clean on the inside helps us to not only feel more vibrant on the inside, but our skin will begin to get a healthy glow about it. Commit to having a routine with you bowel movements its crucial to helping you feel energised everyday!

Happy Health to You & Your Families

xo Love Angela Fenton & The Inspired 4 Health Team. 




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